Which Wrist Do You Wear Your Bracelet On?

Which wrist do you wear your bracelets on? Have you ever noticed that you might be more inclined to put certain bracelets on one wrist over the other?

Prana, or our life-giving energy force, enters the body in three channels and circulates through the body in a system referred to as Nadis (channels or meridians). Energy travels up the left, right, and center of your body and each energy channel is responsible for different aspects of yourself. Wearing crystals on different sides of the body can bring additional intentions and energy to that specific channel.

The left side of the body is our sensitive side and addresses our inner-self. The left side is all about the changes that you wish to make within. This is where habits, motivation, inspiration, and emotion reside. Wearing crystals on your left wrist will encourage changes or internal shifts that you wish to make within.

The right side of the body drives all of your action and controls the energy you put into your environment. This is where planning, productivity, and action reside. Wearing crystals on your right wrist will send energy outward towards others.

As an example, if you feel very anxious in social settings and wish to reduce these feelings internally you would wear calming gemstones (like our Tranquility Set) on your left wrist. If you are the type of person who creates chaos in your environment and you wish to give off more peaceful, relaxed energy you would wear calming gemstones on your right wrist.

To decide which gemstones to wear on which wrists, first spend some time reflecting on your intentions. What are you looking to achieve? What energy shifts are you seeking? When you combine the energy of the gemstones with your thoughts and your own energy, a powerful union is created to help you achieve what you desire.