Tranquility Intention Stack

Tranquility Intention Stack

tranquility intention stack

A little about the birth of Spirit Rox and the Tranquility Intention Stack...

When we set out to create Spirit Rox we had one main goal in mind- to help you understand the power of intention and the positive impact it could have on your life.

As Crystal enthusiasts, we know that crystals carry powerful vibrations that connect with you when you wear them. They pick up on your own unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive vibrations and intentions that you are cultivating. With that in mind, we chose crystal healing bracelets as the medium to spread our message.

By wearing the crystals on your body, they serve as a constant daily reminder of what you hope to attract into your life.

One thing we realized right away was that our audience was just beginning their journey into the world of crystals and often needed a lot of guidance on which stones to pick. We also realized that a combination of a few different stones paired together would have the biggest impact. 

And thus, our first collection was born!

Our Intention Stack Collection features crystal healing bracelets meticulously paired together to boost intentions and align the mind, body and soul. 

Right out the gate, the most commonly requested crystals were those that could help with anxiety, stress, headaches and body tension. The Tranquility Stack was one of our very first products, and to this day, is one of our best-selling and most popular stacks.

The Tranquility Stack was designed to ease anxiety, increase energy, and calm the mind and body. This set is ideal for people who experience feelings of exhaustion, irritability, anxiety in social settings, and/or headache pain from stress.

When designing this stack we started with what we knew about the energy of color.  Colors have distinct energetic properties that we invoke when we need specific support. Blue is a calming color that helps to ease stress. It symbolizes serenity, stability, and inspiration. We chose two beautiful blue stones to support in this stack- Blue Lace Agate and Blue Apatite.

  • Blue Lace Agate is a gentle, nurturing stone that brings peace and calmness to the mind. Its soothing vibrations help you relax when you are feeling overwhelmed. Blue Lace Agate also promotes a state of tranquility and alleviates nervous tension in the body. We knew this crystal would be the perfect companion for individuals experiencing anxious energy and stress.
  • Blue Apatite cleanses mental energy, increases motivation and helps builds up energy reserves. It also reduces irritability and eases anxiety in social settings. For individuals who experience tension or stress headaches, this gentle stone also assists in alleviating headache pain. One of our favorite qualities about Blue Apatite is that it can help to remove feelings of defeat that are brought on by your own negative thoughts and energy. Wearing Blue Apatite can serve as a constant reminder that you are strong, worthy and capable.

The final crystal we knew we wanted to incorporate into the Tranquility Stack was Hematite. While Hematite has many beneficial healing properties, it is probably most known for being a protective and grounding stone. Hematite strengthens your connection to Earth making you feel safe and secure. More importantly, for our intents and purposes in the Tranquility Stack, Hematite protects you from absorbing the negativity of others and helps you feel more centered and calm. This is one of our absolute favorite crystals for protecting emotional energy!

We hope that through our Intention Stack Collection we can help guide you to the perfect combination of crystals and properties to support you in whatever you’re going through.