Celebrate The Summer Solstice

5 Simple But Powerful Ways To Celebrate The Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice, which falls on June 21st this year, is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. It also officially marks the beginning of summer and has long been celebrated by many ancient cultures. Brooklyn-based energy healer Emily Mikaelah explains, “As we emerge out of the spring—where we were in a period of renewal, birthing new ideas, and shedding the icy layers of the shadow months—we slowly grow into summer, a time of manifestation and the ripening of the fruit.”

The Summer Solstice signifies the time when the Earth is at the fullness of her strength, fertility, and abundance. It’s a time to celebrate the light within us, as we raise our energy and manifest our dreams. It’s also a powerful time to walk in alignment with our personal truth and beliefs.

Summer Solstice is the perfect time to set intentions and make goals for the rest of the year. Here are a few suggestions of some of our favorite rituals to help you do just that. Do any or all of the following with an intention to improve something in your life and bring light and love into this world in your own creative way.

1) Gather Plants And Healing Herbs

It has long been believed that plants and herbs are at their most potent around the Summer Solstice. Gather a handful of plants and herbs from your garden or yard and make a small arrangement for you table or altar. The following plants and herbs have traditionally been linked to Summer Solstice: chamomile, lavender, marigolds, sage, dill, elderflower, fennel, rosemary, St. John’s Wort, and lemon verbena.

2) Create A Nature Mandala

A mandala is a symbol of the circle of life and of connectedness. Creating a nature mandala is a wonderful way to connect you to Mother Earth and bring in grounding energy. Collect flowers, leaves, acorns, or other things found in nature and arrange them in a circular design. You can also include your crystals for added energy and intention. Three crystals that align beautifully with the Summer Solstice are Chrysocolla, Sunstone, and Moonstone. Sunstone represents the energy of the sun, connecting you with action and movement. Moonstone represents the energy of the moon, connecting you with receptivity and emotions. Lastly, Chrysocolla aligns you with Heaven and Earth and represents new beginnings.

3) Make A Solar Elixir

Make a magical midsummer potion using elderflowers. Traditionally, elderflowers are associated with the Summer Solstice and some Pagan traditions recommend creating an elixir infused with it. Combine sugar, sparkling water and elderflower syrup to create a light cordial. You could also add your favorite spirit to make a sweet summer cocktail.

4) Adorn Yourself In Flowers And Dance

A beautiful celebration identified with the Summer Solstice is to wear garlands or crowns of flowers in your hair. This is thought to enhance your connection to nature. Additionally, the circular shape of the crown symbolizes the Earth’s cycle. Throughout ancient culture, dancing has also long been a part of Summer Solstice celebrations. So throw on that flower crown and dance like no one is watching!

5) Express Gratitude

The Summer Solstice is a beautiful time to give thanks for the sun and the life that comes from the light of the sun. It is a time to celebrate the light within us, as well as within every other being on Earth. Express gratitude for the life that the sun gives to the plants and to all living creatures. Take a moment to also honor and give thanks to yourself. This is the perfect time to show gratitude for what you have manifested thus far and to focus on what you still wish to come.