• Tranquility Intention Stack

    Tranquility Intention Stack A little about the birth of Spirit Rox and the Tranquility Intention Stack... When we set out to create Spirit Rox we ...
  • How To Cleanse Healing Crystals

    How To Cleanse Healing Crystals?

    Crystals are tools that can be used to help release negative energy in order to heal physical and emotional afflictions. But how do healing crystals work exactly?

  • Celebrate The Summer Solstice

    Summer Solstice is the perfect time to set intentions and make goals for the rest of the year. Here are a few suggestions of some of our favorite rituals to help you do just that. Do any or all of the following with an intention to improve something in your life and bring light and love into this world in your own creative way.
  • Which Wrist Do You Wear Your Bracelet On?

    Which wrist do you wear your bracelets on? Have you ever noticed that you might be more inclined to put certain bracelets on one wrist over the other? Prana, or our life-giving energy force, enters the body in three channels and circulates through the body in a system referred to as Nadis (channels or meridians). Energy travels up the left, right, and center of your body and each energy channel is responsible for different aspects of yourself. 

  • A Time For Release And New Beginnings

    Spring is a time for new beginnings; a time for cleansing and releasing what is no longer serving us. It also sparks a desire for growth, change, revitalization and renewal. Now is the time for letting go of particular feelings, old habits or behavioral patterns, and baggage.
  • When In Doubt, Smudge It Out

    Our bodies carry all of our stress and negativity. Stagnant or negative energy can have extremely detrimental effects on our mental and physical state. Cleansing with Sage and/or Palo Santo can help release negative vibes, clear the energy in our field, and help us start anew.

  • Welcome to Spirit Rox!

    Welcome! We are Caity and Katie (that should be easy to remember, right?), and we are the heart and soul of Spirit Rox. We are best friends on a mission to help people realign their energy for the highest and greatest good.